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Want Self Confidence?

Women – generally speaking – lack confidence. Wherever we go, we often feel insecure ourselves. We also question whether we are strong enough, and whether we are good enough for most of our lives. This is especially true when we talk about the most visible part of ourselves. Our bodies. While we rationally know that…

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This awesome young girl has a very bright future ahead of her in Europe. I can’t wait to follow Elise’s journey! High school seniors are so much fun and I love doing these photo shoots. You get to be yourself, as well as add a twist to what you would normally wear or look like…

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Personal branding

Katerina, an interior designer, came to me looking for updated personal branding photos to use on her website and marketing materials. We wanted to keep the look and feel consistent throughout the shoot but also include a variety wardrobe changes. Our goal was to create a style that was feminine, artistic and contemporary

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